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With more women climbing the ranks at companies across the UK, there is an increasing demand for training and coaching programmes to help aid these aspiring women across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland who are looking for successful career advancements and support whilst balancing the varying demands on their time in today’s hectic business and social world.

With companies actively looking to build a more well-rounded and competitive workforce as part of gender diversity initiatives and policies, there are becoming more real opportunities for women in the workplace to achieve genuine employment success and gains.

At Skills4 UK we have a successful and wide range of coaches and mentors who can help you as part of our women leadership training and coaching programmes.

Our collection of high impact training programme are specifically designed for women leaders and aspiring women leaders who want to take the next steps in their careers. We want to help empower you to identify, develop and grow your unique qualities in order to meet the challenges of today’s ever evolving market place.

women in the workplace coaching
Across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, organisations and larger businesses that do not realise the importance of a diverse workforce are missing out on multiple levels. Whilst women in the workplace have gained a greater representation in middle management, there is significant opportunity to take the next step to more senior positions and our training programme can help you to take that next step.

Always remember that leadership is not a hierarchical position – it is an approach. Our coaching and training programme are designed to help you develop your strengths and put more trust in them to boost your career development, outline your personal values, career goals and help you to overcome both conscious and unconscious barriers to succeed as a female leader in the UK.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, you can read more about our coaching and mentoring programmes here.

And if you would like to discuss our training programme and how they can help you to achieve your goals as a woman in business then please contact us today on 0113 3854605 or by emailing info@skills4uk.com

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