At Skills4, we are incredibly proud of our award winning Career Development Programmes and Training Courses that have been designed to help women further their careers.  We have 5 main training program categories that cover the following:

Career Development

Designed to help women further their careers using confidence communication, presentation delivery and more to truly help women in the UK with their career development.

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Unconscious Bias >>>

Raising awareness of unconscious bias in the workplace can lead to better client relationships, enhanced problem solving, logical reasoning and more productivity in the workplace.

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Returning to Work after Maternity Leave Programme

Our Returners Program helps working parents achieve a healthy balance between work and personal life whilst preparing to return to the modern demands of worklife.

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Providing external support for men and women looking to strengthen their strategic planning, diversity strategy and performance measuring for improved leadership.

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Inclusive Leadership and Management

Helping business leaders to manage diverse work teams whilst promoting an inclusive environment.

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Across the UK we provide relaxed and professional training and coaching courses that have been tailored to suite specific areas of gender diversity, development and equality.


Our award winning career development programmes have been designed to help women further their careers.  After close to a decade of successful training courses and over 8,000 women helped, Skills4 are continually growing and developing our courses to constantly meet the needs of our customers.


Out team is comprised of highly experienced coaches and mentors who provide external support to Men and Women across all areas of career path from new talent through to top executives and CEOs.


So if you are looking for courses and training that truly generates a mindset shift and immediate changes in behaviour to support positive development for you and your organisation then take the first steps forward with Skills4.

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