Skills4 provided our award winning training courses across the UK throughout the business year.

All of our training is conducted ‘on site’ which means we do not provide the actual training venue.  Our training sessions are organised by our clients who get to pick and choose where is best for them and their employees.

Since we first offering our training and coaching services, , we have refined our process to make it as easy to manage and as stress free for our clients.  We have a dedicated booking team and streamlined process to ensure that everything is taken care of and planned in advance of our training sessions so that when it actually comes to the scheduled training sessions, we can all focus on the important issue of the training topic at hand.


As we are constantly providing training across the UK, it is impossible to list every area that we provide courses in because we really do cover everywhere from Aberdeen in Northern Scotland to Zeals just southwest of Wiltshire in England.

Because we come to you, our training sessions are tailored to your needs, staff size and training duration.

So whether you are based in an industrial estate in Milton Keynes or a floor in the Gherkin Building in central London, we can cater to your training and coaching needs.

Our award winning programmes cover the following:


The career development programme focusses on advancing women already in the pipeline, supporting the development of these women into more senior roles creating much needed role models whilst also balancing out a potential gender pay gaps.

Find out more about our Career Development Training Programmes


Learn how and when stereotypes and bias can lead us to incorrect or unfair decisions and negatively impact the attraction, retention and progression of talent via unfair recruitment, appraisals, allocation of work and succession planning.

Find out more about our Unconscious Bias Training & Coaching Programmes


Whether you are returning after your first child or have been balancing work and family life for some time, this online programme will deliver renewed confidence as well as practical tools and targeted interventions to help you focus on specific areas of your work and home life, enabling you to safe-guard your professional, personal and mental wellbeing.

Find out more about our Returners Programme


Providing external support for men and women looking to strengthen their strategic planning, diversity strategy and performance measuring for improved leadership.

Find out more about our Coaching Programmes


Inclusive Leadership and Management is an engaging and impactful one-day workshop which generates mindset shifts and immediate changes in behaviour to support positive development on a personal and organisational level.

Find out more about our Leadership Programmes

To find out more about each individual training courses please click the links above.  If you have specific questions about any of our training courses, please speak to our knowledgeable team in our head office today on 0113 385 4605.


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