Skills4 provided our training courses across the four nations of the UK throughout the year.


All of our training is conducted ‘on site’ which means we do not provide the actual training venue.  Our training sessions are organised by our clients who get to pick and choose where is best for them and their employees.


Over the years, we have refined this process to make it as easy to manage and as stress free for our clients.  We have a dedicated booking process to ensure that everything is taken care of and planned in advance so that when it actually comes to the scheduled training sessions, we can all focus on the important issue of the training topic at hand.


As we are constantly providing training across the UK, it is impossible to list every area that we provide courses in because we really do cover everywhere from Aberdeen in Northern Scotland to Zeals just southwest of Wiltshire.


So whether you are based in an industrial estate in Milton Keynes or a floor in the Gherkin in London, we can cater to tour training needs.


To find out more about our training courses, please call our head office today on 0113 385 4605.


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