‘15% more likely to outperform your competition’

What would you give to let your business have that kind of advantage over your business rivals. The answer is actually very straightforward with gender diversity benefits.

A healthy balance of men and women in the workplace can see significant performance advantages. And if 15% is not enough, a business with a healthy compliment of men and women with a good mixture of ethnic and cultural backgrounds can see that number go up to 35% (Stats taken from telegraph.co.uk).

Whilst there can be complaints that it has taken this long to become a recognised factor, progressive and modern businesses are opening up to the significant benefits that gender diversity in the workplace can offer. From a diverse leadership program to the delivery teams; an equally balanced and varied workforce can help to strengthen the quality of your business services and help to retain staff members. It is now seen as an important part of a businesses strategy as we gain more understanding of the interactions in the workplace and how best to motivate, promote and engage with our employees.

For a company to deliver true value in the modern society, it needs to use the diverse talents, views and ways of thinking of not just one mindset but many. To help explain this in more detail, here are 5 easy to explain benefits of fostering diversity in the workplace.

1 – Increased Creativity

A diverse workforce of talents, views and ways of thinking also brings with it more creative energy.

2 – Increased Innovation

A diverse workforce with diverse experiences can open up new innovative windows of opportunity. From ways top expand into new markets to finding market segments that nobody knew existed.

3 – Increased Consumer Understanding

A diverse workforce will naturally be more connected with the diverse consumer marketplace. A traditional board room will not have the same level of understanding or experience for different religious, age or gender markets.

4 – Increased ‘Thought Showering’

Call it what you want but a gender diverse workplace will produce a richer level of brainstorming and market opinion. When everyone taking part in the brainstorming has the same opinion, stagnant results will be the result.

5 – More effective decision making

A diverse perspective will most often lead to more effective decision making processes.

If you would like to know more about gender diversity in the workplace and how we can offer coaching and training for UK businesses looking to take advantage of the clear benefits of gender diversity, please contact us today.


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