At Skills4 UK, we want to help our customers get the best start in their career when they return to work after maternity leave.

With our award winning courses that help you to achieve a healthy balance between the demands of work and personal life, you can rest easy knowing that you are in a stronger position to safe-guard your professional career.

But beyond what we can teach you in our training courses for maternity returners, we always want to help with more information on a wider range of issues related to those returning to work after maternity leave.  And that is why we have compiled a selection of ‘top tips’ for those returning to work after maternity leave.


1. Think positively.

While you may have a level of ‘Monday Dread’ at having to return to work after what seems an eternity, do not look at it negatively but positively.  This is one of the reasons why are courses are so popular.  It allows those taking part to better appreciate the numerous positives or returning to work.

2. Be gentle with yourself.

In this example, returning to work can be a bit like riding a bike again for the first time.  Yes you can remember how to do everything but it is probably best not to begin by cycling with no hands.  When you return to work, you will be tired, frustrated and be surrounded by your own internal voices in the head expressing doubt.  Don’t ignore your feelings but don’t let them get the better of you and DO NOT be too hard on yourself.

3. Do not stress about asking for help.

It can be easy for those on the workplace to assume that everything is a-okay.  If you do not say anything, they will not change that assumption.

4. Get organised.

Where you were once able to simply dart out the door in the morning to catch the train to work, it is a little bit more time consuming getting your things AND your loved ones things together before dropping them of with Child Care and then getting the train to work on time.  Plan in advance and possibly prepare everything the night before.

5. You can ask your employer for a phased return.

There are a variety of options with this.  You can use part of your annual leave to work a shorter week for the first period of time after you have returned.  This will allow you to more easily settle back into the flow of work.   You can also do something similar with a reduction in working hours each day.  A lot depends on your individual employer.

6. Childcare Nurseries are going to pass on coughs and colds

It is a simple fact that children don’t havea very strong immune system so when there are so many of them together in a nursery (for example), your child is going to pick up and pass on MULTIPLE illnesses to you.  Prepare for the fact that even though you are returning to work after maternity leave, you will most likely have to take more time off either to look after your child or yourself.

7. Schedule regular reviews with your Manager.

There are two core benefits to this.  Firstly, it allows your to to talk to your manager on a regular basis about what is and what is not working well upon your return.  And secondly, it helps form a stronger impression with your manager of your value.

8. Speak to those who have done it before.

Similar to the support network that so many new Mums lean on when they have just had their child, you can always speak to those who have successfully returned to work after maternity leave and ask them for guidance and help.

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