If you are returning to work after maternity leave then there will undoubtedly be a large adjustment to go through.

The first week back at work alone can be both mentally and physically challenging as you adapt to life in a working environment whilst being away from your baby.

Achieving a healthy balance between performing at the expected levels at work whilst also having the energy and mental wellbeing at home is one of the biggest challenges that working mothers can go through.

There are various top tips when it comes to returning to the workplace after maternity leave.

1 – You can request to return to work in phases, potentially using your annual leave to work a shorter week over the first month or so in order to better re-adjust to the balance of work and home life.

2 – You can request for regular reviews from your bosses and superios to make sure that you are both keeping up to date with all the new goings on within the office whilst also appearing proactive and professional.


Unless you work in an environment where every single co-worker has experienced maternity leave and the adjustments of returning to work, there will always be those who simply do not understand what you are going through and will assume everything is okay unless you say something. There is no shame in asking for help.

At Skills4 we have created a training course designed to specifically cater for women returning to work after maternity leave. This course is suitable for employees who are currently on maternity, paternity or shared parental leave and preparing to return to the workplace as well as those who have returned to work in the last six months.

Our two day programme is laid out to help you to safe-guard your professional, personal and mental wellbeing so that you can take ownership of a successful return to work.

If you would like to know more about Skills4 and our maternity returners programme and other coaching services, please contact us today by calling 0113 385 4605 or emailing info@skills4uk.co.uk


back to work after maternity leave

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