Newsletter December 2018

Newsletter July 2018

Are Your Communication Skills Holding You Back?

  Although, the longstanding debate of nature versus nurture remains unresolved, it is widely acknowledged that gender influences our behaviour and one of the most fascinating aspects is communication. If you spend a few moments observing and listening, you will soon be able to spot some key differences in our non-verbal and verbal communication techniques. […]

Skills 4 wins prestigious award for inspiring women to progress their career

  A training programme which empowers women to progress in traditionally male dominated industries has won a top award. The Career Development Programme, devised by Jayne Little, Managing Director of gender diversity specialist Skills 4 Ltd, which has its headquarters in Leeds, won the Most Inspiring Training Programme at The Inspire Awards: Diversity in UK […]

Taster session – Leading and Managing Diverse Teams

Building on the success of the 4 Day Career Development Programme for Women, Skills 4 are pleased to announce a new one-day training session, which we are running in partnership with WISE. Increasingly diverse workplaces require leaders and managers to demonstrate enhanced empathy, communication and people-management skills internally – and increased flexibility and broader rapport- […]

Women in Power Conference

Our MD, Jayne Little, has been invited to speak at the Women in Power Conference at the Critical Power & Decentralised Energy (CP&DE) 2018 exhibition on 18th April 2018. This free event is being held at Ricoh Arena, Coventry and takes place over 2 days. Jayne will deliver a short, informative session entitled “Unconscious Bias: […]

Women in Racing Mentoring and Networking Event

Our Chair, Lynn Tomkins, will be joining the diverse and experienced panel at the Women in Racing Mentoring Event on Thursday 24th May 2018 (was originally scheduled to run Thursday 1st March 2018 but has been postponed) at BHA Offices at 75 High Holborn, London. This is a fantastic opportunity to network and the event will include […]

Newsletter January 2018

Jayne Little, on being named as a finalist in the Skills Champion of the Year Award

Congratulations to our MD, Jayne Little, on being named as a finalist in the Skills Champion of the Year Award (Sponsored by BAE Systems plc) at the Semta Skills Awards 2018 – a fantastic achievement getting to the final three. She will find out if she has won, along with the finalists of all the […]

Skills 4 UK Scholar’s Award 2017 Winner Announced

The 2017 winner of the Skills 4 UK Scholar’s Award has been announced: Kathryn Frankland (UKESF Scholar 2016–18), who studies at the University of Nottingham and is sponsored by Imagination Technologies. Kathryn will receive a place on Skills 4 UK’s award-winning Career Development Programme, as well as additional coaching. This award takes into account academic […]

Global Diversity

It certainly is depressing when looking across the world at the make-up of company boards. Yes, progress is being made and many governments, including our own, have policies in place to ensure the decision-makers in boardrooms are more diverse. But it is not happening quickly enough. Recent research claims there are less than three women […]

Newsletter March 2017

The best of both worlds – why women only training courses can be beneficial.

By Suzy Firkin – Development Director, WISE.   As part of their commitment to increase the number of women flourishing in their careers and achieving senior management or leadership roles there are many organisations that provide female only events on career development, leadership, communication and returning after a career break.   Studies have shown that […]

Announcing award for final year female scholars in conjunction with Skills 4 UK

The UKESF has partnered with Skills 4 UK to create a new, annual award that will be open to female scholars who are entering their final year of university. This will be known as the Skills 4 UK Scholar’s Award. From the academic year 2016/17, qualifying scholars can apply for the Skills 4 UK Scholar’s […]

Top ten perks of being a working mum

As part of our Returners programme, we ask women what they most enjoy about being a working mum. Here are their top ten:   1. I get the opportunity to miss my kids and really look forward to getting home. 2. I get to be part of a great team at work. 3. I can […]

Free Course Places

Congratulations to the following who have all won a Sponsored place on our Programmes: Fiona Irvine, Amey, Catherine Gaywood, HS2, Karina Roomus, CH2M Ruth Salmon, TFL Kate Bunting, Ramboll Ruth Francis, MPA This competition is now closed, please follow us on Twitter @Skills4UK for details of future competitions.

Women on boards: 5 year summary (Davies review)

A summary report from Lord Davies on the approach to increase representation of women on FTSE 100 boards to at least 25% by 2015. Download attachments: DaviesBriefDec2015.pdf

Sue Cooper scoops WISE Champion Award

 Sue Cooper, our Non-Exec Director has won the WISE (Women in to Science and Engineering) Champion Award.Sue joined Skills 4 as a Non-Exec following a long and successful career at Atkins. As the HR Director for UK and Europe, she lead policies and practices which supported the recruitment and retention of female engineers. Prior to […]

HR expert joins the board

Sue Cooper supports women to progress their careers Leading businesswoman Sue Cooper is joining the board of Skills 4 as the demand to get firms to help more women into senior positions intensifies. Cooper was HR Director for Atkins’ UK & Europe region, bringing a wealth of management expertise from the leading FTSE 250 engineering […]

Government announces £10m fund to progress women in engineering

  Policy Brief on Employer Ownership: developing women engineers-published June 2014 as part of Engaging the public in science and engineering and improving the quality of further education and skills training. Background This funding opportunity arises from a recommendation in the ‘Perkins Review of Engineering Skills’. A key element of Perkins analysis on how to […]

Gender balance vital for UK Industry – Skills 4 to deliver major programme in Northern Ireland

    Chief Executive, Gillian Winters, calls for gender diversity The head of a Northern Ireland skills agency says more needs to be done to get girls into engineering and to help women working in traditionally male dominated industries achieve management positions. Gillian Winters, Chief Executive of the Engineering Training Council Northern Ireland (ETC NI) […]

Girls vital to Northern Ireland’s manufacturing future

  Chief Executive, Gillian Winters, calls for gender diversity The head of a Northern Ireland skills agency says more needs to be done to get girls into engineering and to help women working in traditionally male dominated industries achieve management positions. Gillian Winters, Chief Executive of the Engineering Training Council Northern Ireland (ETC NI) says […]

Jacqui Henderson, CBE, to support workforce gender diversity

Jacqui Henderson, CBE, has joined the board of Skills4 as the company seeks to support the increasing demands on businesses to up their game on gender diversity. She brings a wealth of experience in education, business and in particular the skills sector to the company which supports global clients achieve diversity objectives through the design […]

Lynn Tomkins takes on new post at skills company

LEADING businesswoman Lynn Tomkins has embarked on a new career to help get more women into management positions. Tomkins has left her position as UK operations director at skills organisation Semta to devote more time to developing and delivering a gender diversity programme which she has successfully implemented at a number of companies in traditionally […]

Baronesses and Industrialists Say Better Gender Balance Makes Better Business Sense

Baronesses Margaret Wall, Patricia Scotland QC and Margaret Prosser, all committed and joined up with their support for the outcomes for women through the Skills 4 programme Businesses where men continue to dominate boardrooms and roles in senior and middle management are being urged to do more to enable women to take senior positions. Three […]

Performance: The ‘entry ticket’ for career progression

Performance is a something women seem to be consistently good at in their jobs, yet they often don’t use this fact to their advantage. Firstly, let’s look at why performance is so important: • It is the ‘entry ticket’ for career progression • It provides evidence at pay reviews and job interviews • It enhances […]

Communication: consider your audience

Women often use more words than men to deliver their message. Whilst more words soften your message, fewer words make your message more memorable – so flex your language style depending on your message, audience and intent. When communicating with a male audience your message can often get lost in verbal ‘padding’. ‘Padding’ includes words […]

Do women face barriers from the outset?

A new report seems to offer more evidence that lack of confidence and unconscious bias are key contributors to the loss of female talent in STEM. The report ‘Jobs for the Boys?’, led by UCL Engineering, Katalytik and Oxford Research and Policy and funded by HE STEM (July 2012), explored possible causes and cures for […]

Women and Wealth: Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs

Women are expected to own 60% of all personal wealth in the UK by 2025, according to research at the 2010 Female FTSE Report, Cranfield School of Managment. More women than ever before are now self-employed, with many female entrepreneurs citing their inspiration for founding a business as being another female entrepreneur. But despite the […]

Are Women Really ‘Equal’ to Men?

On 20th September, Harvey Nash saw the smooth launch of their ‘Aspire’ women’s network – an exciting new initiative to bring together high-performing, executive-level businesswomen with the potential to progress to board roles. Founded by Alexa Bailey & Carol Rosati, ‘Aspire’ will run counterpart to, and operate in conjunction with, the established ‘Inspire’ network of […]

Are our people business decisions really being made by the unconscious bias?

As humans we often make instinctive decisions about other people. Decisions which ‘feel right’ at the time and often these ‘snap’ decisions will be right. We are likely to think that we have assessed the pros and cons, considered alternatives, and weighed the possible outcomes before making that decision. But what if the people decisions […]

Women’s careers hit the glass ceiling – is it all in the mind?

Women on Boards There has been a flurry of information published over the last few months, all reporting about Women on Boards. Some have been encouraging and show signs of progress (you can read the latest figures in a Telegraph article this week) but the overarching picture remains: Whilst women are becoming a higher percentage […]

Women on Boards

Lord Davies’ report, ‘Women on Boards’, published in February 2011, calls strongly for voluntary action by UK companies to redress the current gender imbalance of UK boards. A report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (2008) suggested that at the current rate of change it will take more than 70 years to achieve gender-balanced […]

Women in the Boardroom

Recent research by Dr Judith Baxter of Aston University, suggests that women are four times more likely than men to be self-deprecating and to speak indirectly or apologetically when broaching difficult subjects, in order to avoid conflict. Many experts hold the view that the differences in gender communication are down to childhood conditioning. Young boys […]

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