When it comes to managing a diverse team of individuals, balancing the unique values of each individual whilst respecting their specialised traits is just part of the process to ensure that the team operates at maximum capabilities.

It is simply not enough to acknowledge the differences between team members. As a team leader, it is your job to manage this diverse team whilst promoting an inclusive environment. You must embrace and encourage individual differences and skills in order to promote success.

It all starts with the hiring process. It is a relatively easy process to hire new team members based on their skills but balancing that with new team members who have the right attitude and who are open minded about the different ways of thinking within the team – that is more of a challenge. After all, teaching new skills can be a lot easier than changing attitudes.

Of course a team cannot be left to their own devices. A new team requires effective management in order to start moulding into a cohesive unit. This takes time, energy and patience and requires a strong leadership mind.
At Skills4, we provide modern training and coaching workshops and sessions across the UK to management personnel who want to be better prepared at managing a diverse team of individuals.

The below list is just a snippet of the various techniques that we can help to show you in order to achieve your goal of successfully managing a diverse team:

Value. Make sure that your team feel values and included. Employees who feel appreciated are far more likely to contribute and participate.

Individuals. Learn about your team and the individuals in them. Recognise each members talents, skills and abilities.

Communication. Treat everyone in the same manner and give out both positive and constructive feedback.

Equal Opportunities. By giving each team member an opportunity to shine, the entire team can grow.

Involvement. Through set procedures, you can ensure that everyone in the team is being involved and participating equally.

Environment. A comfortable environment where members of the team can voice their opinions and share ideas without feeling like they will be ridiculed or bullied by their fellow team members.

Tension. If there is tension building within the team; either through individual members or as a majority of the team, intervene quickly.

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