Across the UK, Skills4 have been running Award Winning leadership training programmes for over 12 years.

Our training and coaching programmes have been designed to help Women in Business develop their business skills and find new confidence within themselves whilst helping to identify the key benefits of a balanced and diversified workplace.

As more and more UK businesses are adopting diverse and inclusive employment strategies to address the skills shortages faced due to the lack of retention and progression of women; it is opening up new opportunities for these women in business to take the next step on the management ladder.

With our range of training programmes that cover career development, diversity, unconscious bias, coaching and leadership skills, we offer a full range of training program that have been successfully delivered to over 8,000 individuals in the UK with almost immediate results.

  • 97% of participants had a more proactive approach to career progression
  • 88% had higher levels of self-confidence
  • 58% had taken on more responsibility within their role and 18% had already taken on a new role


leadership management skills training for women in the UK

“The trainer was engaging, challenging and impactful, skilfully using humour and interaction to deliver a very serious message and move individuals to action.
Everybody needs to experience this!”

Caroline Brown, Associate Director
Energy, Atkins


“Skills 4 delivered a session with specific focus on unconscious bias highlighting the impact it can have on decision making at work. The talk was well presented to a multi-cultural leadership team with humour and clear experience of the issue.”

David McMahon, VP & GM Asian OEM’s Europe
Johnson Controls


“The successful partnership between Prinovis UK and Skills 4 started in 2013. For Prinovis UK, Diversity Development means Skills 4.”

Vicci Tatton, HR Director
Prinovis UK LTD



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