As of 2017, the gender pay gap is still at 18.4% in favour of men (Office for National Statistics) and while it can be stated that much has been done to reduce that figure, the gender pay gap is an issue that is deeply ingrained in the business society of the UK. The wheels however are finally beginning to turn in the movement to close the gender pay gap with more and more companies across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all announcing plans to eliminate their pay gaps in the years ahead.

Based on current research, gender income inequality will not be eliminated from our society until close to 2060 and while it is always hard to paint an accurate statistical picture on the subject, there is more than enough evidence to highlight the problems produced from gender pay gap in our society.

Workplace equality should be a driving force of every business in the UK and with a balanced and equal gender workforce and pay gap, businesses can see enhanced productivity, performance and profits.

Benefits of Gender Diversity

Reputation: A balanced gender employement and pay gap will help to improve your business brand reputation

Recruitment: A visibly balanced gender workforce will help to attract an improved pool of new talent.

Retention: Equal and fair pay structures will make staff feel valued and supported which in turn will create higher retention rates.

Resources: A gender diversity workplace will see a boost in staff productivity.

Representation: A diverse workforce will better cater to the needs of customers and suppliers, in turn helping you to do more and better business.

Based on a government report, there are suggested actions that can be taken to help close the gender pay gap.

1. Include multiple female options in recruitment shortlists.
2. Use skill-based assessment tasks in recruitment.
3. Use structured interviewing methods for recruiting and internal job promotions.
4. Actively encourage salary negotiations.
5. Introduce transparency to pay and reward options for internal promotion candidates.
6. Appoint a diversity manager or diversity task force (for more information, speak to us about our Gender Diversity Coaching and Training)
7. Include flexible working options for men and women
8. Encourage shared parental leave
9. Set internal targets for gender equality and diversity.


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how to close the gender pay gap

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