When a company takes the first steps towards a more balanced and gender diversified workplace, they are not just signing up to another training course.

They are pushing forwards with their business direction and creating a better working environment that can increase productivity and business results whilst promoting a stronger and healthier working environment.

But beyond the benefits of completing a gender diversity training course (and the other courses that we run at Skills4 UK), what is the step by step process that you go through from booking a training course to actually attending one that is run by Skills4 across the UK.

how to book a gender diversity course

First Contact

The first step is to contact our team at the Skills4 UK head office in Leeds. While our course structure may follow a set pattern, every business that we deal with is unique and in order to best understand your requirements as a business and the results you are looking to achieve from our training courses, it is always best to discuss your organisations needs instead of simply booking you in for a time slot.

Where do the Training Courses take place?

All of Skills4 UK training takes place at your choice of location. Whether that is your actual business address/office premises or a training facility/hotel suite in the Town/City that your business is based is up to yourself.

Because all of our training sessions are conducted ‘Off Site’ at varying locations, we provide all the workbooks and training materials that you and your team will need. All you need to worry about is turning up.

Who runs the training courses?

Within Skills4 UK, we have an entire team of trainers with a wide variety of industry level experience covering the likes of gender diversity, unconscious bias, maternity skills and management training. As part of our initial consultation with you at the very beginning of the booking process, we will be able to identify who is the best trainer/trainers to work with your business.

How long do the training courses last?

All of our training sessions cover different lengths of time which we can advise you on during the booking process.  We make sure that, in order to keep attention spans at an optimal level during the training courses, there will be adequate breaks for refreshments etc.

award winning diversity training courses UK

Our award winning diversity training courses are designed to benefit you and your team and therefore we will always look to accommodate your own tailored requests to ensure that you get the absolute most from your training courses.

We are immensely proud of the success that our courses have helped to foster in UK Businesses, not just because of the positive reviews that we receive but because of the real results that they help to deliver.
In 2019, our Women in Leadership Programme recorded the following results:

Higher levels of confidence/self-belief
Improved their communication skills
Improved their presentation skills
More positive about career progression

Of those that we have surveyed, 69% have taken on extra responsibilities within their current role while 23% had gone on to take a new role within the company by the end of the training programme.


If you would like to know more about our training course and to begin the process of booking in your business team for our award winning diversity training, please call 0113 397 0357


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