Our award-winning Career Development Programme has been designed to help women further their careers.


Our award-winning Career Development Programme has been designed to help women further their careers. The programme has now been running for over a decade and has already helped over 8,000 women advance professionally.

The programme is delivered over 3 or 4 days usually spread over a 3 month period.

Upon completion of training:

  • 98% had higher levels of confidence/self-belief.
  • 98% had improved their communication skills.
  • 89% had improved their presentation skills. (Part of the 4 Day Programme)
  • 87% were more positive about progression within their organisation.
  • 63% took extra responsibility within their current role.

Within one year of completing the programme over two thirds of participants have been promoted.


The programme comprises of four modules:

Module One: Confident Communication

The initial module examines the general communication differences between genders and the impact these differences can have on both our daily interactions and the outcomes we achieve. The workshop also explores unconscious bias, so that participants broaden their understanding of the dynamics of diverse groups and communicate with greater rapport.

Participants will:
  • understand the communication differences between men and women;
  • develop an understanding of the impact that a unconscious bias can have on our behaviour and decision making;
  • know how to use body language to increase confidence;
  • leave the session with new knowledge and techniques for achieving more productive and positive internal and external relationships.

Module Two: Authentic You

This module explores the importance of image, visibility and effective networking on career progression. Participants will gain the skills and confidence to showcase their talent, knowledge and achievements that they have to offer their organisation, thereby giving their employers access to the widest possible talent pool.

Participants will:
  • analyse and review the image they currently present to others;
  • take ownership of their professional image and reputation;
  • learn ways to network more effectively and understand how to use professional networks to maximise business development opportunities;
  • leave the session with techniques to improve their professional visibility while retaining authenticity.

Module Three: Presentation Delivery

This module gives participants the opportunity to consolidate learning from module one (Confident Communication) through the delivery of a pre-prepared presentation.

Module Four: Future Focussed

In this module, women analyse their current levels of commitment, capability and confidence in achieving career progression. The workshop enables participants to take stock of their career to date, assess their current strengths and achievements, and create a targeted action plan for career success.

Participants will:
  • assess their current position and identify potential personal or external barriers to career progression;
  • learn specific techniques to dissolve personal barriers;
  • feel motivated and empowered to overcome external barriers;
  • leave the session with a more proactive and focussed attitude to their careers, a renewed view of career options, and a targeted action plan.
New dates - 4 day Open Career Development Programme

New dates for our 4 day Career Development Programme for Women have been released.

Hosted by Skills 4 in Leeds.

Dates: Oct 17th 2019, Nov 20th 2019, Jan 7th 2020 & Jan 8th 2020.

Hosted by MBDA in Stevenage.

Dates: Oct 24th 2019, Nov 20th 2019, Jan 7th 2020 & Jan 8th 2020.

Hosted by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water in Cardiff.

Dates: Jan 15th 2020, Jan 16th 2020, Feb 12th 2020 & Feb 13th 2020.

To book a place on either programme complete the Online Booking Form.

For more info email info@skills4uk.com

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