At Skills4, we provide a award winning career development training program that helps introduce key leadership training techniques for business women in the UK who are wanting to realise their potential in business.

Our high impact career development program helps to prepare women in all stages of their careers to help build a well-rounded and more competitive you.
It covers the three clearly distinct leadership categories:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Mid-Level Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders

It is no secret that women in business are faced with a huge variety of demands on their time in the modern Britain. But with gender diversity becoming a more openly encouraged and practised policy within businesses across the country, it is giving greater opportunity for career development as more of these top businesses are looking for the strengths and balances that more women in the top levels of business can bring. Unconscious Bias is becoming a recognised issue that is being addresses which is helping to clear the path ahead for women who are looking to realise your potential as a women in business and give their career development a boost.


Skills4 is one of the UK Businesses leading award winning training and coaching firms offering programmes across Scotland, England, Wales & Ireland.  We work with some of the UK’s biggest employers who recognise the key benefits that our training and approach brings to them.  Through addressing key gender diversity and unconscious bias trait, our training programmes can help businesses become more efficient, productive and progressive whilst keeping key talent for longer through a keen work environment that rewards ingenuity and fresh thinking.


Our career development program is a key example of a training and coaching program that can be used by women who are looking to take the next step in their careers and for employers who are looking to promote and encourage talent from within the current employee pool ranks.


If you would like to know more about Skills4, our training programmes, coaches and more, please contact us today.

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