There are many of us who in the course of our working careers have made the decision to step back from our careers either to have a break from the hussle & bussle of working life, through health reasons or to start a family.

And if you are one of those individuals that made the decision some time ago and have recently decided that now is the time to return to work, we are here to help with our award winning ‘returners’ coaching and training program.

Skills4 are an award winning team of professional, experienced coaches who work across the country providing ‘returners’ coaching programmes for those who are looking to reintroduce themselves into the business work environment.

It can be a daunting task returning to work after so long away and many women who are looking to return can feel any of the following:

  • Low confidence when considering your work options
  • Struggling with putting together a CV or tackling job interviews
  • Nervous and unprepared for your new role

The Skills4 team are all fully qualified coaches and we have helped support many women in the same position as yourself getting back to work; and have even in some cases been in the very same shoes as you.

We work with returners and are very much aware of both the challenges and the rewards that come with returning to work after a long break.

We can help you with:

• Understanding your motivations to work
• Helping to identify the strengths and skills you already have within you to build your self-confidence
• Clarifying your interests
Assessing your values and priorities
• Addressing your barriers to a successful return
• Considering your work-home balance preferences
• Developing your networking skills (both online and off line), including your ‘story’
• Understanding the road back to work
• Creating a motivating return-to-work action plan

returners coaching program

So if you have decided to return to work after maternity leave or for any other reason, and are wanting help with returning to work then call Skills4 today. We are here to help you from the first baby steps right up to the final sprint.

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