Across the UK, businesses large and small are consistently under appreciating the real and significant impact that ageism in the workplace can cause.  Age discrimination can have implications on the workforce, their moral, productivity and even mental health.  While the stereotype thanks to television is that age discrimination in the workplace is directed at the very old employee who is beyond retirement age, age discrimination in the workplace can impact anyone of ages 40 years old upwards.

The sad part of age discrimination in the workplace is that because it is such an overlooked issue, mot assume that there is little to nothing that can be done about it.


That however is not the case and with Skills4, our UK based training program for unconscious bias helps to highlight the very real impacts that ageism in the workplace can have.


Our ageism training program is provided across the UK and help to bring to light the various day to day issues that so many in UK business overlook as being age discriminating.


A classic example is training and development opportunities that are only offered to younger employees.  This is  case where the UK business is trying to look to the future, ignoring the current workforce and in the process, alienating them.


The same goes for team building exercises. So many of the team building activities that come to mind (Paint Ball, Go Ape Adventure Parks  and so on) are all athletic/active options that can put older co workers at an immediate disadvantage and can damage team morale at a time when you are trying to strengthen it.


As part of our unconscious bias training program, we help to address your outdated company handbook.  With ageism in the workplace being so often overlooked, if an employee did want to report n incident, is there currently any procedure to address this?


Ageism in the workplace can destabilise a workforce and can leave those that suffer from age discrimination feeling under valued and can even lead to early stages of depression.

What can begin as a lighthearted joke about someones age based on their musical tastes can quickly evolve into age discrimination.  We are not suggesting that humour be stamped out in the workplace.  Far from it.  But company Managers and Directors should always be keeping an eye on humour related to an employees age.


Under the ageism in the workplace section of our unconscious bias training, we will highlight other key areas that people overlook.  From the way you market the business as a young and dynamic company that alienates older staff to how you treat staff commitments such as younger parents in the company looking for time off to attend a childs sports day.  Older employees in the workplace will have similar requests and your business must stay flexible for all your employees needs.


Ageism in the workplace is a serious issue that affects so many UK businesses.  It is often overlooked and can have real and significant effects on staff moral and productivity.  Our unconscious bias training program helps you to develop a balanced workforce with fair opportunities and activities that promote a stronger workforce going forwards.

If you would like to know more about our unconscious bias training workshops across the UK or would like to know more about ageism in the wokrplace, please contact the Skills4 team today.


What is and isn’t ageism in the workplace?


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